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Winter is coming - here's how to take care of dogs when it gets cold

November 2022 | Highpaw stories

Shorter days, less sunshine hours, and increasingly colder weather bring changes to our lifestyles, but also affect dogs. We go to bed earlier and earlier, and the dogs are also less active, so they won't mind spending the evening together with us under a blanket in front of the TV, with a good movie. However, the arrival of the winter months doesn’t only bring about changes in activity. Here's what you should pay attention to when it comes to your beloved furry friends.


It's time for a hairstyle change

If your dog has longer hair and you take it for regular haircuts, the winter months are a great time to change its hairstyle. Do not cut it completely short like in summer but leave a longer coat that will keep the dog warm. Make sure that the apartment is always heated and sufficiently humid, i.e., that the air is not dry. Otherwise, the dog may develop skin irritations. If the skin on your dog's muzzle or paws cracks due to the cold, you should use salves and balms suitable for dogs.

If you're cold, so is your dog

Dogs mostly spend time in apartments or houses, at room temperatures. Therefore, it is extremely important that you put some clothes on them on before walking outdoors to avoid shock from temperature differences. Although some dog breeds handle winter better than others, a warm coat or raincoat if it's snowing or raining will make a huge difference.

Returning home from a walk

If your dog has longer hair, dry your pet with a towel or a hair dryer as soon as you come back home from a walk, so that your dog doesn't get cold. Special attention should be paid to the paws and the space between the toes, in particular if it is raining or snowing outside, since salt and antifreeze are sprinkled on the road in snowy periods. Although hygiene is important, bathe your dog less frequently in winter. Frequent bathing can reduce the oils on a dog's skin, increasing the risk of developing dry, flaky, itchy skin.

Don't let them get lazy

Just because it's cold outside and the weather’s not suitable for long walks, that doesn't mean that your dog doesn't need hobbies and fun activities. Move the game inside and have fun with toys so that your dog doesn’t get lazy. This is important because during winter dogs’ caloric intake increases and activity decreases. That is why you should take care your dog doesn’t gain extra pounds, which can be harmful to their health.


Essentially, all the changes that we humans go through also happen to our dogs. Follow their behavior, compare it with yours, and make sure that their wintertime passes as peacefully and happily as possible, just like their days before.