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Unwrapping joy: Premium Christmas gift ideas for your four-legged family member

November 2023 | Highpaw stories

The holiday season is a time of warmth, togetherness, and giving. As you gather with your loved ones to celebrate the joy of Christmas, let's not forget a cherished member of your family who is always there with a wagging tail and an abundance of unconditional love – your faithful four-legged friend. Your dog brings you immeasurable happiness, so doesn’t it deserve an extra special holiday season this year?

This is why we've made a list of high-quality dog products that are great Christmas gifts that will make your pup jump around with delight and fill their doggy dreams with joy. These thoughtful gifts are not only a treat for your dog, but also a beautiful way to express your love and gratitude. So, be sure to get your dog a nice gift, or if you’re headed to a Christmas lunch at the home of your family or friends who have a dog, don't forget a gift for them, too! Here is a list of the finest selection of dog products all available at If you order now, you can be sure your order will arrive in our premium packaging, designed to ensure your beloved pet’s happiness, just in time before Christmas.


Tweed bow tie

If you lack ideas for a perfect Christmas gift, a cool accessory that adds a dash of style to your dog’s wardrobe is always a safe bet. The Stoneham Tweed Bow Tie is all about sophistication and charm. It's a fantastic addition to your dog's attire, especially for those special occasions during the holiday season. Not only does it make your furry friend look super classy, but it's also a fun and adorable gift. Putting it on your dog is easy as anything; these bow ties are designed to slip right onto their collar using two handy elastic loops on the back. So, this Christmas, treat your dog to some extra style and make it the star of festive gatherings.



Perfect sleeping spot

This Christmas, you can’t go wrong with the Covo Lounge premium dog bed. This bed offers the perfect blend of style and comfort, with its striking circular design that's a real showstopper for design enthusiasts. Small dogs adore the cozy, enclosed space it provides, thanks to the raised rear of the bed. It's like a snug haven for them to curl up and snooze. And it's not just about looks – the Covo is built to last and easy to maintain. Crafted from strong bent plywood, it's both sturdy and durable. The specially designed foam cushion ensures excellent spine support for your dog, and the soft yet tough fabric cover is a breeze to remove and wash.


Practical and stylish gift for every walk

Give your furry friend the gift of comfort and style with the handmade and adjustable Butter Leather Harness. Crafted with care in Austria, this designer harness is made from buttery-soft, naturally tanned German leather, that doesn’t rub or itch, keeping your dog comfortable. Its balanced, unrestricted fit provides enough legroom for your pup to move freely. The harness features solid brass or steel rivets that connect three soft leather loops, and you'll find the leash clip easily accessible as it's centered on top. It's a beautiful and practical gift for your dog, adding a touch of luxury to their walks.



Designer dog apparel

Wilmot Mustard Jumper is inspired by a 1930s menswear cable jumper, and is a true classic, updated for modern pups. This super-soft, hand-knitted wool sweater is perfect to keep your dog warm and stylish. It's also designed to handle light rain, so those winter walks won't be a problem. Plus, it features a lead hole at the neck for easy use and can be worn over a harness. With its honey yellow and mustard trim, it's not only fashionable, but cruelty-free, made using New Zealand wool. This exclusive design is the perfect gift for any dog as it comes in different sizes.



Handmade dog toy

Playing isn't just fun – it's a way to strengthen the invisible bond of love and trust between you and your furry friend. Williams Play Bone, crafted with love from soft but robust fabric, is an invitation to engage in playful times together. The super-resilient filling makes it a perfect cuddle and throw toy, minus the noisy squeaks. Whether your dog carries it around, you toss it in the air, or it stays on the dog bed, this high-quality play bone is known for its lovely texture and exceptionally beautiful design. The refreshing mint-turquoise color adds a fresh touch to your home. It's easy to clean in the washing machine, and the dirt-repellent outer fabric ensures it stays beautiful for a long time. The bone is available in both large and small sizes that perfectly match your pet. A wonderful Christmas gift for your canine companion.



Designer leash

Crafted with precision and care, Coopers Caramel Leather Lead is a labor of love. It all begins with the finest Italian leather, hand-selected for its quality and durability. The craftsmanship shines in the details: solid brass fittings, eye-catching color, and the elegant logo imprint, symbolizing the very best of quality and luxury. This pink Italian leather dog leash is a piece that not only exudes elegance, but also provides a strong and secure hold. It is meant to be both beautiful and functional, whether you're taking your furry friend on a stroll or a brisk walk. It is built to last and designed with a brass loop for added convenience, allowing you to secure it around your waist.


Regardless of which gift you choose for your dog this Christmas, it's certain that it will be happy. Whether it's an elegant bow tie, tasty treats, a cozy bed or something else, each gift reflects your love for your four-legged friend. Christmas is a time for giving, and the gift you provide to your dog will create moments of joy and happiness to cherish.