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Tips & tricks for taking your pet to work with premium dog care

February 2023 | Highpaw stories

Anyone who has a dog knows how incredible, immense, and mutual love between a dog and its owner is. They also know how hard it is to say goodbye to a pet when it's time to go to work. However, nowadays an increasing number of companies have become dog-friendly and more open about animals in the workplace, which means that dog owners can also bring them along. Thanks to this, it is easier to take care of a dog, keep an eye on it and keep it nearby. After all, it has been proven that dogs in the workplace help reduce stress levels, improve the working atmosphere, increase motivation, and have a relaxing effect.


For a dog to stay at the office, that is, at the workplace, and for the process to go as smoothly as possible and without too much trouble, it is important to follow certain tips. One of the most important tips certainly refers to bringing bring the finest selection of dog products so that you have everything your dog needs with you. We, therefore, offer certain tips & tricks that will make taking your four-legged friend to work and including it in your daily work routine much easier.



First things first

Goes without saying, but you should check with your supervisor before bringing your pet to your workplace. Make sure you have their permission, even if your company is dog friendly. Simply showing that you care about their opinion will mean a lot. Offer clear descriptions about the breed and explain how it behaves in an environment with other, unknown people and dogs, and assure your supervisor that your dog will not create any problems or present a distraction to others. Creating a pleasant environment is important for your dog, and it will be of great importance for you too so that the whole process goes as simply and easily as possible.


Don’t forget to talk to your colleagues either. Educate them and tell them what your dog is allowed to do, what not, what they should know about your dog, and how to act with the dog. Make sure you communicate this clearly in order to maintain your dog's training level, and your colleague’s respect. The same applies to offering treats, snacks, and other high-quality dog products, so make it absolutely clear that your dog may only be fed if this has been communicated with you beforehand. Your colleagues must also be informed that the dog needs rest and should not be disturbed when sleeping.


Finding a spot for a dog at your workplace

After everyone responsible gives you permission and you get all the necessary approvals, you can start setting things up to bring your dog to work. Make sure your desk is in a suitable position, with enough room for you to place a dog blanket, basket, or bed. Of course, a water bowl should not be missing either. It would be perfect if you could find a spot in your office where a dog can be calm, relax, and not bother you while you work. It may take some time for a dog to feel relaxed and comfortable in his new resting area. Allow additional time for your dog to feel calm when left alone, for example when you go out for a meeting. Besides, making sure a work colleague of yours establishes a good relationship with your dog will come in very handy, as they will be able to look after your dog if necessary.


Getting used to it all

It may take some time before your dog feels completely comfortable at your office and understands that it is also a homey place where both of you spend some time together. Accompanying you to the workplace daily represents a big change for your dog and can cause stress due to many new impressions and strangers. Give your pet enough time to get used to the new situation. It helps to bring an object such as its favorite toy, blanket, or pillow from home as the object will carry a smell the dog is used to. This way, it will get used to the new place more quickly.


What you’ll need

In order to plan for a day with your dog at your workplace, you should prepare for every scenario such as staying late at work. So, arm yourself with some high-quality dog products and premium dog care. In other words, make sure you have enough dog food, treats, and, of course, water. You can find everything at our webshop. Tavoletta Bowl Set from MiaCara is a great option because it comes in a tray, it is practical, makes it easy to transport the water and food safely, and it comes with an anti-slip mat between bowls and tray that ensures a secure hold. If your dog gets hungry, Duckalicious treats from Buddy are a perfect pick as they are free from additives, cereals, gluten, and GMOs. These are soft and flavorful treats made from fresh duck and rosemary, rich in protein and omega fats. Perfect for a reward treat after a successful day at work! Of course, you will also need a bed. If you are looking for a premium piece of pet furniture, something like Comfy Cloud Bed by William Walker might be just what you need. This round bed will be your dog’s favorite place and an original designer piece as well. It is simply a perfect place to sleep, cuddle, and dream. The optimal combination of padding and noiseless filling also makes the Comfy Cloud a healthy option for your four-legged friend’s bones and joints, and a suitable choice for a work environment.


To summarize

Carefully plan for your pet's big day at work. Make sure your bag of supplies includes dog food, treats, and bowls for food and water. Add a couple of special toys to help keep the dog occupied, and a favorite bed or blanket so that it can rest comfortably while you work. And one more thing - don’t forget to take your dog for a walk regularly so it doesn’t make a mess in the office. You will need a lead, so check out the Butter Leather Adjustable Lead from MOLLY & STITCH. This 200 cm leather leash can be adjusted to keep the dog close. Believe us when we tell you that you will surely enjoy the buttery feel of soft German leather in a loop around your wrist or waist!