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The reasons why your dog sleeps under the covers and why high-quality dog beds are important

March 2023 | Highpaw stories

Some dog owners do not allow their pets to climb onto the sofa and sleep in bed with them, while others do not impose such restrictions. Regardless of what rules you have set for your dog's behavior in your home, we have to admit that there is nothing sweeter than when a dog curls up next to us and dreams sweet dreams! However, those who allow a dog to be in bed with them during the night have certainly witnessed on several occasions that, as nice as it is, this is often not practical for several reasons. It is interesting that we can learn a lot about dogs through their sleeping habits. Also, there is a reason why a dog needs to have its own high-quality dog bed and we are here to tell you all about it.

Of course, dogs should have their own bed, but if you share your bed with your pet, a luxury dog bed will probably become its ‘day bed’. Most people consider their four-legged friends to be a part of the family. So, it’s not uncommon for pet owners to let their dogs sleep in bed with them. But not only that dogs take a lot of space in the bed, but they also sometimes like to sleep under the covers.

Why do they love it?

There are plenty of theories about why dogs like to sleep under the covers. First thing to bear in mind is that dogs are animals, which means that for dogs it is natural to go back to places that have their scent or their owner’s scent, and to where they feel safe and comfortable. When they cover themselves up, the blankets add another layer of comfort and protection. Some dog breeds naturally love to burrow, and they have an innate predisposition to do so. It’s pure instinct, passed down through the generations. But also, who could blame them when it is so cozy to lay under the covers, admit it.

Also, dogs like to sleep in bed against their owner. Yes, on the one hand, that shows that the dog loves you, but on the other hand, this reminds us that dogs are den animals. This means that it is instinctual for them to sleep in packs and they usually think of their owners as members of that pack. That means they trust you to protect them and take care of them. More than your bed and blankets being their safe haven, it’s you that makes your dog feel comfortable and safe.

Is it safe under the covers?

A dog sleeping under a blanket is without doubt an adorable sight. However, you have probably wondered why dogs like to be under the covers and whether they might suffocate under the blankets. After all, dogs can’t maneuver the covers on a bed or couch as easily as humans.

If your canine companion can’t get enough of crawling beneath the blankets when they want to get nice and cozy, there are few things you should know. There are plenty of theories as to why some dogs tend to crawl beneath the covers, while others prefer to lay on top of them. It has nothing to do with dog breed for sure. If you ever wondered if dogs can suffocate under blankets, it’s highly unlikely. But you probably still wonder how dogs breathe there. When your dog sleeps under the covers, there’s still plenty of airflow coming into the blanket, due to the fabric it’s made of. So, they should be completely fine as long as they aren’t covered too tightly.

And while some dogs like covering up during winter months, some like to get cozy event in summer. However, if your dog is burying itself in blankets on a hot day, this could increase its risk of overheating. So, make sure you’re keeping your dog hydrated all day, give it the finest selection of dog products, and provide shade whenever it’s outside. Also, you can change the bedding and blankets of your high-quality dog bed and your own bed by replacing them with lightweight fabrics when it’s warm outside. This way, your dog can sleep under the covers and still feel comforted without overheating.

When a dog in bed is not an option…

As sweet and nice as it is to have a dog in bed, it quickly becomes very tiring because dogs take up a lot of space and, once they relax and are fast asleep, it's hard to move them. In addition, some breeds snore loudly while sleeping, so this can also make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Some dog owners often wake up tired and groggy as a result, which can be a serious problem in the long run.

This is why it is important that the dog has premium pet furniture, including a luxury dog ​​bed that will become its safe space where it feels comfortable and relaxed. In addition to the finest selection of high-quality dog products you may find on our website, we also offer a wide range of high-quality dog beds.

For example, Comfy Cloud Bed from the brand William Walker is the center of cuddly coziness and will soon become your dog's favorite place. In addition, it is an original designer piece. The soft, grey synthetic fur plush stretches over the entire surface of the dog bed. The optimal combination of padding and noiseless filling also makes the Comfy Cloud a healthy place for the bones and joints of your four-legged friend.

You should also check out Elliott Jute Cushion from the brand 2.8 that was designed with an inner filling made of an anti-parasitic material divided in separated padding chambers that support the dog’s weight and maintain the cushion’s structure throughout the course of time. The slipcover is in natural jute, a 100% recyclable textile that preserves its freshness and breathability even in the warmest months.