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Wear or tear - the materials your dog likes the most

November 2022 | Highpaw stories

Just as we humans prefer clothing materials in which we feel good, free, uninhibited, and comfortable, so do our dogs, who feel better in some materials than in others. And at the same time, with numerous choices at every turn, it is sometimes difficult to choose something that we can be sure is good for our favorite pet. This applies not only to clothes for dogs, but also to the materials on which they spend time and sleep.

Clothes for dogs

When it comes to dog clothes, the focus should be on natural materials, just like the ones we would wear. This is important so that their skin can breathe. At the same time, these materials have to serve their purpose – provide warmth. Cotton should therefore be your first choice, with which you can certainly not go wrong. It is soft and comfortable, but still collects the most shedding hair. Tweed, a coarse, woolen fabric with a soft, open, and flexible texture is also suitable for dogs. Corduroy, a textile with a raised texture that warms nicely, is also good. The material you should avoid when choosing dog clothes is silk, which is extremely difficult to care for and is not suitable for dogs. That is why you will seldom find a piece of clothing for animals that is made of or contains silk. Linen is also not suitable for dogs.

Collars, harnesses, and leashes

Although they are often chosen based on aesthetic criteria, collars should first of all be comfortable and safe. Leather is a material that is functional and looks good, and you can't go wrong if you choose leather. Also, it will last a long time. If your dog likes water or accompanies you on mountain routes, choose collars made of BioThan, a material whose composition guarantees enormous resistance to wear and tear and is waterproof. An alternative to collars are harnesses, which are safer for dogs that are very active during walks and tend to pull their owners. A classic collar could injure them during twitching or wear out their hair, so harnesses are a better solution in this case. Leashes are also an important tool, especially for training and teaching puppies. Leashes are used daily, so it is extremely important to choose them wisely, considering their style, functionality, and performance. Safety is of course among the top priorities, because no one wants the dog to get out of the collar or the leash to break.

Beds and pillows

Just like for clothes, comfort is important for dog beds and pillows. Dogs are not overly demanding and can relax almost anywhere and on any surface. Many people let their dogs lie on couches, armchairs, or beds. However, what you can do is to choose materials that won't be difficult to care for, such as leather and artificial leather, denim, microfiber, canvas, and outdoor clothing materials. Leather and artificial leather are good because hair does not stick to them, they are easy to clean and wipe, and they are scratch-resistant. Synthetic microfibers are very difficult to tear and scratch, and the hair can be easily removed. In addition, stains are easily washed off this material, which is especially useful if you have a puppy. Denim is an extremely durable material that is easy to clean even with just water, and you can easily remove hair with a vacuum cleaner. And finally, outdoor clothing fabrics are great because they don't collect moisture, making them the best for avoiding bacterial development.


You can find an excellent and varied offer of dog clothes, collars and leashes, as well as beds and pillows that are good and safe for your pets in our online store. Dogs deserve quality and comfort just like us.