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Springtime shedding: How to manage your dog's coat in every season with premium dog care

April 2023 | Highpaw stories

As the colder weather goes away and spring flowers begin to bloom, dogs are shedding their winter coats to make way for a lighter one. While this is a natural process for dogs, it can lead to a lot of excess fur around the house and potentially result in issues for dogs with thick coats. To help manage your dog's shedding during the springtime, it's important to understand why this happens and how to properly care for your pup's coat with premium dog care. Therefore, we offer you some tips for managing your dog's shedding during the spring season.

First things first! Shedding is a natural process that helps maintain a healthy coat by eliminating dead hair and allowing new, healthy hair to grow. Also, it is a natural way for dogs to regulate their body temperature as the weather gets warmer. It's crucial to monitor your dog's shedding habits as excessive shedding can lead to a buildup of fur and allergens in your home. It can also cause discomfort for dogs with thick coats, leading to overheating or skin irritation.

What you need to know about shedding

Your dog’s shedding amount is largely determined by their breed or breed mixture and their coat type. Dogs with a normal, thick undercoat like German Shepherds will shed a considerable amount of hair in the spring, while breeds like Beagles will shed shorter hairs but not nearly as much. Hypoallergenic breeds such as Schnauzers and Poodles tend to shed very little, and the shedding happens slowly throughout the year. Your location and climate also play a role in coat growth and shedding of a dog. For instance, dogs living in colder areas tend to have more undercoat than those living in warmer regions. Spaying and neutering may also impact the amount of coat a dog has and how much they shed. Generally, spayed or neutered dogs have more coat than intact dogs. Shedding usually occurs all over the dog's body, especially in the regions of their undercoat. The hair that sheds is usually the thick, soft undercoat, while the outer hairs, called guard hairs, may also shed. Breeds with no undercoat will shed considerably less.

Brushing is crucial

While regular brushing won't completely eliminate the shedding of hair, it can help reduce the amount of hair in your home. Throughout most of the year, it's recommended to brush your dog two to three times a week with premium dog coat products, unless they get dirty or pick up burrs or foxtails. During shedding season, however, it's best to brush your dog daily. This helps keep the grooming sessions shorter and prevents your dog from getting upset or developing sore or irritated skin from over-brushing. The lack of grooming and brushing can also lead to hair lumps that create friction on their skin which can cause infections or hot spots. It's important to pay attention to your dog's skin during brushing sessions. If your dog becomes uncomfortable, it may be necessary to take a closer look at their skin to avoid causing injury.


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Bathing time

Giving your dog a bath during shedding season may seem counterintuitive since it can cause more shedding by loosening up the dead undercoat. However, bathing with high-quality dog products can actually be helpful in managing shedding if followed up with thorough brushing. By brushing your dog after a bath, you can remove a significant amount of the loose hair that was previously stuck in their coat. This may not completely stop shedding, but it can certainly reduce it. Depending on your dog's coat, it may be beneficial to give them two to three baths during the spring shedding season.


If you are looking for a shampoo, you might want to try Fur Wash from the brand WAP. This shampoo made with organic ingredients has a pleasant scent and is not only PH-balanced, but also gentle on your dog's skin and fur, as it helps keep them hydrated. The natural ingredients help reinforce the upper skin's barrier and protect against dryness and irritation. Additionally, the lemon in the shampoo enhances blood flow, tea tree leaf has antibacterial properties, and spearmint leaf provides a cooling effect. Another great choice is Shampoo Shine & Comb from LILA LOVES IT which is infused with aloe vera, argan oil, and lavender to provide a deep cleanse and replenish your dog's coat. This gentle plant-based cleanser removes dirt and tangles without causing damage to the skin or hair. Even curly and textured coats become easy to comb through and regain their healthy shine. The shampoo also nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Essential lavender oil adds a light and pleasant scent to the coat, making bath time a calming experience.

Invest in a good vacuum cleaner

To minimize the hassle of shedding season, it is important to have a reliable vacuum cleaner and to vacuum frequently. Choose a vacuum cleaner with a large container to hold dirt and hair. If you normally vacuum once a week, consider increasing the frequency to every other day during shedding season. Although it may not be the most appealing task, frequent vacuuming can help reduce the amount of hair in the house and ease the stress and discomfort associated with shedding season.


When your dog is shedding excessively, it can be difficult to remain patient, especially when it seems that fur is everywhere. However, shedding is a natural process, and by dedicating more time to grooming with premium dog coat products and following these tips, you can minimize the amount of hair that ends up in your house. It's important to refrain from getting angry at your dog since shedding is not something dogs can control.