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Iconic dogs that changed pop culture

December 2022 | Highpaw stories

If not everyone, at least you who are reading this, will agree that a lot of things in the world revolve around the man's best friend - the dog. When we were children and growing up, we witnessed numerous scenes of different types of dogs all around us, in cartoons, movies and music videos, as toys, in video games, as motifs on children's clothing, on the packaging of various products... It is therefore unsurprising that there are few of us who did not want to have their own dog to play and spend time with as children, and eventually grow up with.


And that's how it's been for a long time, due to the influence of pop culture, which has always revolved around dogs. Pop culture, whether consciously or subconsciously, heavily influences what people like and do, and shapes the opinions of all of us. Pop culture has long been one of the main sources of entertainment in people's lives, with dogs as the leading actors. Music, movies, sports, fashion... There is almost no single area in which dogs have not appeared in some form, as if they were not irresistible already and we needed more reasons to love them. We bring you iconic dogs that marked and changed pop culture with their appearances in movies and series.




Lassie Come Home is an American movie made in 1943, and is an adaptation of the novel with the same title by the British writer Eric Knight. The plot is set in Yorkshire during the Great Depression, and the main protagonist of the film is Lassie, a collie whose owners, driven by poverty, sell her to a rich aristocrat who takes her to Scotland. Despite everything, Lassie wants to get back to her former master and friend, the boy, and so she goes on a long and dangerous journey. Although it was very rare at the time, this film was shot in color and achieved exceptional commercial success. The character of Lassie was played by a dog named Pal, and the success of the film prompted the filming of a sequel entitled 'Son of Lassie', a series of six titles. Rudd Weatherwax, Pal's owner and trainer, also started the popular and long-running Lassie TV series in 1954, which featured Pal's descendants.




Who else to include in this list of canine icons if not the inimitable and fearsome Scooby-Doo - a talking Great Dane and his favorite team that has been solving the most complex mysteries and tasks for decades. Ever since the popular animated series first aired in the United States in the late 60s, Scooby-Doo has found its way into the homes of families around the world with its pure heart and wacky character. Despite the numerous interpretations of the series that followed later, Scooby always remains steadfast and brings laughter and joy into homes.














Who doesn't know and love the big baby dog ​​from the screens - a Saint Bernard named Beethoven? The first comedy movie about Beethoven appeared on the screens back in 1992. Since then, this dog has gained unprecedented popularity, and the Saint Bernard breed has become known as Beethoven, because many people have come to associate this name with the breed. The plot follows a family where the father is a purist and does not want a dog, but his three children want it very much. One day, Beethoven simply shows up at their home. The father finally relents, after which the dog is finally kept, and then the mischief and real fun begins. Beethoven won the hearts of viewers so much that as many as eight movies were made about the adventures of this big cuddly dog.



Anyone who loves the movies about the young wizard Harry Potter surely knows who Fluffy is. Fluffy is the three-headed dog from the first Harry Potter movie, Philosopher's Stone. Fluffy the dog is a three-headed dog that Rubeus Hagrid, keeper of the Keys and Properties at Hogwarts and Professor of Care of Magical Creatures, used to guard the ruin leading to the underground chamber where the Philosopher's Stone was hidden. The only way to get past Fluffy was to put him to sleep by playing the flute. It didn't take long after the movie for the character of Fluffy to be translated into plush toys and sculptures that every true Potter fan simply had to have in their collection.


101 Dalmatians


One of the Disney classics that always succeeds in delighting the whole family is certainly 101 Dalmatians, which has been entertaining children and adults for generations. The animated movie about 101 Dalmatians was shot in 1961 by Walt Disney. Even critics consider this movie one of the most successful classics. The movie features a dog Pongo who lives with his owner, writer Roger Radcliffe in a small flat in London. Unlike his owner, Pongo is tired of the single life and decides to find a partner for himself, but also for Roger. Spending his days looking out the window, Pongo notices Anita and her dog Perdita walking towards the park. Pongo takes Roger to the park to meet the ladies and eventually Anita and Roger fall in love, just like Pongo and Perdita. Soon, Perdita gives birth to many puppies, and this is where the first plot involving the infamous Cruella De Vil begins.




The little black dog Toto, a Cairn Terrier, is a character from the iconic movie The Wizard of Oz, who immediately leads Dorothy on the adventure of a lifetime. Namely, Dorothy runs away from home with Toto to save him from Miss Gulch, who wants to euthanize him because he bit her. As a result, Dorothy is out of a storm shelter when a tornado hits, transporting her and her tiny companion to Oz. The role of Toto in the 1939 movie was played by a dog named Terry who was paid $125 per week, more than some human actors at the time.


Lady and the Tramp


Lady and the Tramp is the greatest canine romance of all time and a wonderful Disney story for children about two dogs - a pedigree Golden Cocker Spaniel, Lady, and a stray crossbreed, Tramp. The two embark on an unforgettable adventure in which an unexpected combination of circumstances leads to these two dogs, despite their mutual differences, getting closer and eventually falling in love, together realizing the true value of a warm home. This movie deserves to be among the classics of animated movies. Even Time magazine included Lady and the Tramp in the list of the 25 best animated movies of all time in 2011.