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How to maintain dog hygiene at home?

January 2023 | Highpaw stories

Between professional treatments in the salon, every dog owner should also maintain the hygiene of their pet at home. Dogs are always in some kind of movement, walking, playing with other dogs, and are in constant contact with different surfaces that are usually unclean and full of dirt and bacteria. Also, some dogs have long hair that needs to be maintained, and some have short hair that often falls out. Certain breeds are prone to gum or ear problems. These are just some of the reasons why it is not enough to take the animal to the dog salon and why you should also maintain their hygiene and secure quality dog ​​care between visits. Below we give you tips on how to take care of your dog at home.


The first step after coming home from a walk should be washing or wiping the paws. Dogs can bring home different types of dirt and bacteria that you definitely do not want on the floor and furniture. Therefore, teach your pet from an early age that this is the first thing to do upon your return home. You can use a basin of water and a cotton cloth or wet wipes. Wipe the paws well and be gentle. Clean the space between the toes and the pads on the paws well, because dirt, pebbles, leaves and the like often get stuck there. At the same time, avoid any cleaning detergents and soaps that can irritate the paw pads. Dogs tend to lick their paws after returning from a walk, so it is also important that you do not use any strong cleaning detergents that can enter the body through licking. Warm water is quite enough and makes caring for your dogs a lot easier.


Dogs’ hair is one of the main and most important indicators of their health, which may point to some atypical changes. For this reason, it is important that it is cared for and maintained. Certain breeds have short and others have long hair, but only a few do not shed seasonally or daily. Usually, dogs that do not live in their owners’ house are bathed two to three times a year, while dogs that do are bathed every two to three months. Although there are no strict rules regarding the frequency of bathing, it is recommended not to bathe your dog too often, as this may dry its skin. Before bathing dogs with long hair, the hair should be thoroughly combed and tangled parts removed. While bathing the dog, clean the paws, anal area, and the area behind the ears, making sure to avoid shampoo getting into the eyes and ears. After that, rinse thoroughly with warm water, dry with a towel and finish with a hair dryer. It is best to use high-quality products for dogs that are safe for their hair and skin in order to avoid skin irritation and damage. A large selection of bath products can be found on our site, such as products from the WAP brand.

The natural shampoo is PH-balanced, gentle, and designed to bind moisture to the fur and skin. Organic ingredients help strengthen the skin's upper layer to protect against irritation and dryness. In addition, the shampoo is enriched with lemon to increase circulation, tea tree leaf for its antibacterial effect, and spearmint leaf for its cooling effect. It is always good to have an anti-smell shampoo that is designed to thoroughly clean and remove unpleasant odors to keep your dog smelling good throughout the day. It consists of extracts of red seaweed and moringa that have natural and strong deodorizing, soothing and antibacterial effects, making it perfect for larger breeds or for dogs that get dirty more often.


Every dog ​​owner has seen their dog’s skin turn dry at least once. A dry muzzle or a dog scratching its skin and ears more often, or an unpleasant and unusual smell are all symptoms of a possible skin irritation. Dogs that shed hair more often are particularly prone to this issue. Occasional scratching is normal in dogs, and it is normal that we want to help the animal by scratching the irritated spot. However, this only temporarily eases the discomfort, and the intensity of the itch will probably increase. For this reason, only high-quality products for dogs that alleviate skin damage should be used. The WAP brand’s Zinc Ointment is a universal ointment for regular dog skin care preventing irritations. The Zinc ointment, with zinc without nano particles, soothing chamomile, and borage oil, is specially adapted for dogs and leaves a soothing protective layer. This ointment calms and heals, prevents skin irritations, and is also good for eczema and insect bites.


Just like human’s, dog's eyes are also sensitive and need to be cared for and cleaned regularly. It would be good to clean your dog’s eyes every morning using pads or wet wipes to prevent discharge and redness. In dogs with longer hair, the hair around the eyes should be trimmed regularly, as it can obstruct their vision and end up in the eye. By all means, if you notice any serious changes in your dog's eyes, take it to the vet as soon as possible for canine tear eye treatment. Especially because certain breeds with pronounced and large eyes are prone to the appearance of the so-called third eyelid, which should be timely treated. It is not unusual for your dog to have watery eyes, often as the result of mechanical stimuli, allergies, or anatomical changes in the eyes. In our web shop, where you can find the best selection of dog products, you can also find eye care by the brand LILA LOVES IT, which relies on the effective power of aloe vera, sea salt, and witch hazel. This liquid gel gently removes impurities, adhesions, and tears from the eye area and thus prevents eye inflammation.


Dogs’ ears are very sensitive, so they should be kept clean and tidy. If your dog often shakes its head, scratches or moves its ears as if something is bothering it, maybe its ears are dirty, causing some kind of discomfort. This is why you should check your dog's ears once a week and, if necessary, clean them with a damp cloth wrapped around your finger. When doing so, be gentle and wipe the visible inner part of the ear canal as well as the outer ear. You can find the WAP brand’s ear wash in our web shop, which can help by gently dissolving earwax, relieving itching, and removing unpleasant dirt from your dog's ears. The product can be used both preventively and for routine cleaning.


Once cleaning is done, don't forget to reward your dog with a treat for being obedient, making hygiene-related activities a pleasant experience.