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How to better understand your dog?

January 2023 | Highpaw stories

How many times have you thought what if your dog could talk? What would it tell you? That would be crazy, right? Unfortunately, dogs can’t talk, so we have to learn how to communicate with them in various other ways so we can understand each other to the greatest extent possible. Dogs have their own way of communicating that is sometimes difficult to decode. Of course, over time, the dog gets to know you, just as you get to know the dog. Moreover, as your pet grows up, everything becomes simpler and somehow, we learn to read the signs and recognize what the animal wants to tell us.

In order to make the relationship between the owner and the dog as easy and simple as possible, there are ways to understand what the dog wants, needs, and feels based on its behavior. What happens when a dog looks at you with a piercing gaze or raises its paw in the air? Do you know how dogs show that they like someone? Below we bring you some of the most common signs in dogs and ways to interpret them with understanding, to make caring for your dog easy and efficient.

The dog brings "gifts"

This has certainly happened to you: out of the blue or when you come home, your dog starts bringing you toys or random things laying around the house. A ball, one of its toys, slippers, anything can end up in its muzzle, heading towards you. This means that the dog wants to give you something out of joy and love and that it trusts you. Especially if it brings you its favorite toy. Because we know that they do it out of love, it is worth it giving them high-quality dog ​​toys. You can find a great selection of handmade dog toys at, such as William Walker's William Play Bone toy. This toy is made of soft fabric with resistant filling, which makes it ideal for playing, but it can also be used as a pillow. Either way, this play bone is meant to impress with its beautiful design and mint color. Moreover, it will fit perfectly into every home since it is available in large and small versions.

The dog sleeps on your bed

Dog owners have split views on this matter: some approve of their dog sleeping with them in bed, while others draw the line there. However, most dog owners give in at some point and end up sharing their bed with their pet. If the dog likes to sleep with you in bed, next to you, under your feet, or against your head, this is a sign that it loves you and does not want to be separated from you, not even during night-time. But in case you still insist that the dog stays in its place when it sleeps, try choosing premium pet furniture on our site. Designer dog products or luxury dog ​​beds, High Paw has it all. For example, the Elliott Casentino Cushion is a luxurious cushion for dogs by the brand 2.8. The wonderfully designed Elliott dog pillow has an inner filling made of anti-parasitic material divided into separate padding chambers that support the weight of the dog and maintain the structure of the pillow at all times. The cover is made of Casentino wool, a fabric that dates back to the Tuscan Renaissance. The pillow cover can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine.

The dog is sitting on your legs

As sweet as it is when a dog sits on your feet, this also carries an important message: the dog wants to let you know that you are part of his pack, and you can be proud of that. This means that it trusts you completely. It can also mean that your dog is usually a bit shy and timid, so in certain situations, it shows that it needs a bit of your support and protection. Irresistible, isn't it? Therefore, give the support it needs at that moment.

The dog is in pain

When something bothers them or hurts them, dogs mostly suffer in silence. Therefore, it is difficult to recognize that a dog is in pain because dogs cannot tell us that. However, there are several signs, more and less obvious ones, that may indicate pain. The first sign is certainly a sudden change in the dog's usual behavior. Therefore, any noticeable change in behavior can be a reason for concern and a trip to the vet. Excessive paw licking, panting, inactivity and disinterest, changes in posture, tucked tail and drooping ears are just some of the signs that something is wrong with your pet. In order to prevent potential problems, consider introducing some nutritional supplements into your dog's diet. A wide selection of supplements is available on our website, such as the Joint pro from the brand LILA LOVES IT. It has a high-quality composition of medicinal plants nettle, rosehip, turmeric, and veterinary ingredients chondroitin, glucosamine, collagen hydrolysate, and methylsulfonylmethane. Together, these extraordinary ingredients can prevent inflammation of the musculoskeletal system, relieve pain, support cartilage formation, and strengthen fascia and bones. Joint Pro is an excellent food supplement for heavy and large dogs, as well as for puppies, and can help the well-being of every dog.

The dog destroys furniture

Many have had the opportunity to witness what it means to leave their dog home alone, only to be greeted by an unpleasant sight of bitten or destroyed furniture upon their return. Although it may be difficult to stay calm at that moment, before you start to scold the dog, you should understand why dogs do it. And the reason is usually their owner. How? Pets generally make a mess to send a certain message. They usually want to convey that they feel bad because they were left alone for a long time, and the mess they have made can be considered a form of protest. This most often happens with puppies, so make sure that they are not alone for a long time, and that you regularly take them for a walk, which will tire them out and ensure they get rid of excess energy.

The dog is ready to play

Dogs are similar to children in many ways, and this is especially true when it comes to their playful and cheerful nature. Playing a game is at the same time a great opportunity for training and learning, so be sure to use some tricks to teach your dog something new through playful activities. To do so, you will need premium dog treats that are an ideal reward for dogs and for every skill mastered. Look for dog snacks on our High Paw page, where you can find the finest selection of dog products, such as the Crispy Salmon from the brand Buddy. These crunchy and tasty treats have no additives and consist of 55% meat, and 45% vegetables, fruits, and superfoods. They are made from fresh salmon and blueberries and are rich in omega fats, proteins, and antioxidants. The ingredients are 100% natural and contain no additives, grains, or GMOs. They are suitable for all adult dogs and puppies and can be broken into smaller parts, which is especially suitable for learning tricks.