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Dogs in global fashion brands’ campaigns

December 2022 | Highpaw stories

For centuries, fashion has been inspiring many people around the world and getting their creative juices going, making the fashion industry one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise  that world-famous fashion brands and their equally famous fashion designers try to present something new, unique, and revolutionary every season, to delight their existing supporters, but also gain new ones.

In their attempts to do this, we have witnessed truly unusual and different types of fashion campaigns throughout history. These campaigns often feature extras, and not just any kind, but those on four legs. Over time, dogs have thus become a kind of a status symbol, epitomizing prestige and power. And their popularity, loyalty, and love for people has positioned them side by side with some of the world's most popular models today. Moreover, these powerful fashion campaigns always have a hidden message: an increasing number of powerful fashion brands reject the use of real fur in their designs and advocate animal rights. And there is no better way to do this than with the help of animals. At the same time, campaigns with dogs unmistakably attract attention and bring different, particularly attractive scenes.


When dogs take over

The fashion brand Trussardi once even decided to present its entire new collection of sunglasses, jackets and bags for spring 2014 using English Greyhounds instead of male models. This was not the first campaign to do this, Trussardi just continued the trend launched by William Wegman. Wegman is an American artist best known for creating a series of compositions featuring dogs, primarily his own Weimaraners in various costumes and poses. Trussardi hired him for the campaign because of his photos of great English Greyhounds. That campaign secured Wegman various collaborations with fashion companies, including Acne.

The brand Acne Studios also paid its tribute to dogs. 'Recently I became a dog owner and since then I started paying attention to people with dogs, how they walk, how they behave, what they wear. I didn't see them before, and now I've become one of them', Jonny Johansson, the creative director of the Acne Studios brand once explained his source of inspiration for the 'Check & Dogs' collection and campaign, also featuring dogs.

The proven combination of cute dogs acting as models was also used by the fashion brand Trussardi. Once Acne hired Wegman, Trussardi did the same. Dogs posed in some of the most interesting creations of the famous fashion brand for its 2014 spring collection, earning the title of the most charming fashion campaign.


Dogs as real models

More than seven years ago, neither actresses, singers, nor even models stood in front of the lens of the genius fashion photographer Steven Meisel for the Coach brand campaign, but four-legged furry pets instead. Asia Kinney, Toulouse, and Frankie, the dogs of Lady Gaga, Miranda Kerr, and Ariana Grande, adorned the 'Coach pups' campaign with their ears, paws and muzzles for the handbag collection.

And the luxurious French fashion brand Louis Vuitton hosted a lot of cute terriers for the 'Journey Home for the Holidays' campaign a few years ago. Intended to evoke a sense of coming home during the holidays, the campaign conveyed the spirit of the holidays with warm holiday shots featuring almost completely attention-grabbing dogs.

A few years ago, the American brand Monse combined the love for dogs and modern fashion style to present a new collection, but at the same time to promote the adoption and care of abandoned dogs. The brand also included Disney's most famous dog Pluto in the campaign, with its image featured on several pieces of clothing. In the end, 32 adorable dogs from local shelters who were looking for a home were included in the campaign, and as much as 100 percent of the sales were donated to six shelters that needed help the most.

Shiba Inu, who responds to the name Bodhi, found out what it meant to be a model and a big star of the fashion world. It all started when his owners Dave Fung and Yena Kim started dressing him up for fun, taking photos and posting them on social media, and soon it all turned into a serious business. Bodhi has graced the pages of The New York Times, GQ magazine, Time and many others, and has collaborated with brands such as Coach and Salvatore Ferragamo, and was even a model for Asos.

As you can see from all of the above, even the world's most famous fashion brands decided to expand their creativity and present high fashion for dogs, i.e., collections intended for dogs exclusively. Clothes, fashion accessories, leashes and bibs, toys, and even food and water bowls only are part of the assortment that many fashion brands have included in their offer.


Designer clothing line for dogs

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