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Dog-friendly home interior without compromising its design

December 2022 | Highpaw stories

The comfort of one's own home is of great importance to everyone. It is a place where we relax, socialize and host dear people, experience happy and less happy moments, but it is still a space where we find comfort and feel safe. It is therefore not surprising that we always want and strive to arrange our home according to our personal taste and take care of it just the way we like it.

At the same time, everyone has their own ideas about interior decoration and pays attention to those details in the home that they find important. The lifestyle we lead certainly plays a big role and we, consciously or unconsciously, arrange our home and adjust its decoration to meet its needs. Young couples with children will do their best to protect every corner of the home from potential injuries of the youngest ones, single people usually like spaciousness and the entire closet to themselves, and people who often travel rarely have a full refrigerator because they spend a lot of time outside their homes.

However, everyone builds and decorates a home for themself, and adapts it when the need arises. The same happens when a family gets a new member, such as a puppy. This is why we bring you tips on how to choose luxury pet furniture that will complement your home.

Dog-proof floors

The choice of floors is extremely important when it comes to pets: their surface has to be durable, resistant to scratches from pet nails, and suitable to withstand stains occurring during the period when dogs are taught to defecate outside. For example, dark ebony floors will show every stain, dirt and dog hair. Therefore, you should definitely choose a brighter option. Wooden floors or floors with texture are always a good choice if you have pets. However, if you want no worries, opt for tiles. Today, there are truly many great tile options that imitate laminate and wood, and their biggest advantage is that they are the easiest to clean. However, avoid shiny tiles dogs may find slippery.

Feeding area

Your dog should know where its food and water are kept. Just make sure that the bowls are placed on a mat if they are located on a carpet or wooden surface or, better yet, on tiles. Today, there are many stylish feeding options that won’t disrupt the aesthetics of your home. For example, you can serve every meal to your dog in style in Tavoletta bowls by the MiaCara brand. The bowls echo Scandinavian design, with their simple and functional shape in muted colors. These high-quality porcelain bowls, framed by a metal tray, look great. Furthermore, thanks to their practical handles, it is easy to carry the water and food bowls safely and comfortably to the dog feeding area. In addition, the non-slip surface between the bowls and the tray ensures a secure hold so that the dog can enjoy its meal undisturbed.

And if you and your dog spend a lot of time outdoors in your own yard, the same brand has also designed an outdoor Trogolo concrete bowl. With this bowl you can easily add a touch of urban style to your garden. As a modern interpretation of the classic water trough, this bowl is made of weather-resistant concrete and designed for easy use by all types of dogs.

Storage is the key to tidiness

To make your home always look clean and tidy, dedicate one of your cabinets to storing food, equipment, and toys for your four-legged pet. Just like you probably have a beauty cabinet or a shelf for sweet and salty snacks, it is wise to store your dog’s food, equipment, and other things in the same manner. This way you prevent mess, but also always know where you can find that one necklace, leash or toy that you are looking for. If you are just furnishing your home and preparing for the arrival of a puppy, you can find the finest selection of dog products on our High Paw pages.

A place to sleep and designer beds for dogs

A dog should always have its own place to sleep and rest without a single care, be that in the living room or in the bedroom. However, a luxurious dog bed is what it definitely needs and deserves no matter what. You can find great options for top-quality designer beds for dogs on our site. We would certainly highlight the Fulvio Bouclé woolen pillow by the Italian brand 2.8, featuring all the essential qualities that a pillow should have. This pillow also boasts an internal filling made of anti-parasitic material divided into separate padding chambers that support the weight of the dog and maintain the structure of the pillow at all times. The pillow cover is made of bouclé wool, a soft and warm textile that preserves warmth even in the coldest months, decorated with a practical handle made of real leather. The cover can be removed and washed in the washing machine, which makes keeping it clean extremely easy.

Another bed that will add a touch of style to every home is the MiaCara brand’s Covo Lounge, designed exclusively for this brand by the architect and interior designer Uta Cossman. The Covo Lounge bed offers superior style and comfort for your dog, while its striking circular shape has a real wow effect for design lovers. Small dogs will especially love the closed form of this bed, with a raised back that offers comfort, protection, and simply provides a place for dogs to curl up and sleep in. Covo is meticulously designed, not only to look great in any living space, but also to be long-lasting and easy to care for. The bed is made of bent plywood, and its frame is extremely strong and sturdy. The specially designed foam cushion offers excellent support for the dog's spine, and the soft but durable fabric cover is easy to remove and wash.

Every dog ​​deserves only the best treatment and living conditions, while you keep your home’s design style and aesthetics untouched. High Paw has made an effort to offer premium pet furniture and products that exude elegance and everything else your dog needs in one place, making it definitely the best choice for dog products.